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Administrative Internal Affairs Investigations

Independent Investigative Consultants, LLC, serves an array of clients from Northern California to the Central Valley including attorneys, special districts, school districts, and government agencies. IIC-LLC has the time, resources, discretion, and expertise to conduct the most complex and sensitive investigations your organization may require.

Review and Analysis of Critical Incidents

IIC-LLC conducts comprehensive, independent reviews of police agency investigations of Officer-Involved critical incidents and uses of force.  If law enforcement is to have the support of the community it serves, independence in the investigation of significant police uses of force is a requirement.  The IIC-LLC Consultant / Investigators possess the experience and expertise to conduct critical and thorough reviews of completed law enforcement investigations to ensure your officers acted within policy and industry best practices.

Investigation of Hostile Work Environment and Sexual Harassment Allegations

Investigating a hostile work environment complaint is a difficult task that requires sensitivity, attention to detail, and strong people skills.  To constitute a hostile work environment, the behavior must discriminate against a protected group of people.  That includes conduct based on race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information.  The behavior must be pervasive, severe, and persistent.  It must disrupt the victim's work, and the employer must have been made aware of the behavior and failed to address it adequately. Paul Henry is an approved investigator for the Employment Risk Management Authority (ERMA).  Paul has experience in conducting the most complex and sensitive hostile work environment investigations.   

Review and Analysis of Completed Administrative Internal Affairs Investigations

A law enforcement agency's legitimacy often depends upon its ability to conduct thorough and impartial Administrative Internal Affairs Investigations.  IIC-LLC Consultant / Investigators can review completed internal investigations to ensure the suspected policy violations have been thoroughly investigated and the resulting findings are supported by the facts and evidence.

Management Consulting

IIC-LLC management consulting services help organizations improve efficiency and performance, and ensures organizations are operating with the industry’s current best practices. Our Consultant/Investigators include retired police chiefs and civilian division managers. Areas of emphasis include audits of Property and Evidence, Records, and Dispatch.

Executive Management
Pre-Employment Background Investigations

While employers are trying to gain a sense of who a job applicant is during their interview process, applicants are striving to gain the employer's approval.  Formal interview processes may not be enough to truly vet an applicant. While past behavior does not guarantee future performance, a pre-employment background investigation is an invaluable tool to ensure your executive management candidate possesses the values, skills, and abilities to help your organization be successful. The IIC-LLC Consultant/Investigators have been conducting pre-employment background investigations for many years. We possess the time and investigative expertise to establish the credentials of your executive management applicant.  

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